Pani puri making machine

Pani puri making machine

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Pani Puri Making Machine

1.Automatic raw pani puri making machine dough just needs to be fed into the hopper
 and at the outlet one gets raw pani puri.

2. Apart from this no oil is required. 

3. Thus, these machines offer oil free, hygienic panipuri at economical prices. 

arrangement, and one number dies roll, endless PVC food grade belt is mounted on

stainless steel covered fabricated angle stand. 

4.This machine is able to produce 11,000 to 12,000 panipuri per hour depends on the

Diameter of panipuri.

  Technical Specification.  

  Model – PP01

  Power Supply Phase - A.C 220 v 50 Hz Single.

  Electric Motor - 1 H.P. Single Phase/Three Phase

  Components - Food Grade Parts.

  Capacity - 12,000 No./ Hr (Approx)

  Cutting Die - As per Requirement

  Overall Dimensions - 72'' x 24'' x 48'' (L x W x H)

  Weight - 215 kg (Approx

  Imported Delivery Belt  

  Superior Quality Gear Box  

  Food Grade Roller for pressing